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Aside from traditionnal helicopter or drone filming, ABSY.COM provides an original and stabilized aerial filming service in HD video (High Definition), flying a two-seaters paramotor, pendular or dynabulle, with a pilot and a cameraman. The stabilized shots axis are diverse, crossing low and very low altitudes is possible if the wind is under 25 km/h. The camera is gyrostabilized in flight by 3 gyroscopes and must weight less than 7 kg. This vibration-free, budget conscious, stabilized technique also works for filming with helicopter and small planes inside the cabin at the door. 2 to 3 paramotor flights per day bring from 100 to 150 minutes of stabilized aerial video footage.

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  5. Aerial filming with helicopter and small plane - Fares
  6. Equipments technical features
  7. Aerial filming constraints
  8. Aerial filming with a Dynabulle
  9. Photo album in action
  10. Stabilized aerial footage - Aerials - Stockshots
  11. Aerial filming with a drone, fares, price and services (Remotly Piloted Aircraft System)

This movie clip will show you the take-off process with a two-seaters paramotor for proximity gyrostabilized aerial filming.

Prises de vues aériennes des Gorges Noires Alquezar vu du ciel from ABSY.TV on Vimeo.

Aerial filming in a biparamotor, with high-definition Sony HVR-Z1 HDV in Sierra de Guara for a fiction film "Gorgas Negras" produced and directed by Jean-Michel Houlbert, executive production Tournesol. Cameraman Marc Salama, Ronan Chollou pilot.

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Our customers references in aerial filming

Fly Over Crop Circles (english version) from ABSY.TV on Vimeo.

 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor and drone DJI for wineyards harvesting in Sancerre in 2014, Polymorph Productions, director Michel Kouklia.
 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor in Casamance for french magazine Thalassa broadcasted on 9/17/2014, Grand Angle Production, director Antoine Laura.
 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor and drone Mikrokopter in Vendée countryside for the french magazine "Des Racines et des Ailes", Eclectic productions. (2013)
 Stabilized aerial filming with drone RPAS for 3D incrustation of architectural designs in natural landscape, Production Virtual-IT (2013)
 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor on 180 km of the Nivernais Channel, France (2013)
 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor around Pattaya, Thailand, Pilot Mathieu Rouanet, Camera Marc Salama, for Thai Channel 3 (2013)
 Gyrosatbilized aerial filming with a two-seater paramotor around famous french countryside, Pilots Ronan Chollou, Mathieu Rouanet, Renaud Vandermeeren, Camera Marc Salama, for Microfilm productions (2012)
 Aerial filming with a Dynabulle, with Dany Clayet Marrel, gyrostabilized camera Marc Salama, for a documentary about the invention of Hot air balloon (2012)
 Gyrostabilized aerial filming with a two-seaters paramotor for 3D architectural incrustation of buildings into a natural set. Pilot Mathieu Rouanet, Camera Marc Salama, for Virtual-IT Production (2012)
 Aerial filming at the door with a Robinson helicopter for On The Roc Productions, around "Les Calanques de Cassis"
 360° immersive camera aerial filming test for Wam Sequencis Pilot Mathieu Rouanet, Camera Marc Salama, (2012).
 Les Aisses Golf in La Fertée Saint-Aubin has entrusted for the gyrostabilized filming of aerial footage of its new 27 holes with a paramotor two seaters, pilot Mathieu Rouanet, cameraman Canon EOS 5D Marc Salama (2011).
 Gyrotabilized aerial filming at the door of the helicopter around Reims for Bulleye Productions, UK, Pilot Christel Noizet, Helitel, camera Marc Salama. (2012)
 Aerial filming with a drone hexacopter for WAM - Sequencis, commercial for Renault (2011).
 Gyro-stabilized aerial filming with a biparamotor in Dordogne county for ITV Studios, english ITV Channel production for Little England serie (2011).
 Gyro-stabilized aerial filming with a biparamotor for SCEA Estanilles , wineyard managing the famous "Clos du Fou" in Languedoc, for a corporate film directed by Alain Marquina (2010).
 Aerial gyrostabilized filming in the cabin of an Ecureuil helicopter for E-magineurs, Lyon (2010), for a corporate film.
 Gyro-stabilized aerial filming in the cabin of an Écureuil helicopter for A2B Production, Saint Nazaire (2010), for a corporate film.
 Overflights with a two seaters paramotor of Burgundy in the context of a documentary on biodiversity in Europe for national TV, France 3, "En Vert du Décor" directed by Jean Tourancheau, executive production Les Bons Clients Productions (2010).
 Descriptive flyover filming in paramotor of the Seine river around Elbeuf and its chalk cliffs in Normandy, with proximity shots over the trees, cliffs and water, executive production On-Situ for museography program, director Thierry Motot. (2009)
 Proximity flyovers filming in paramotor for museography program over Bercé domanial oaks forest created under Colbert, executive production production Clap 35, director Jean-Pierre François. (2009)
 Flyover in a paramotor, over equatorian forest in north of Congo for the french program "C’est Pas Sorcier", France 3, MFP production, direction Luc Marescot, for a documentary on normalized FSC Green Peace wood production label, protecting the few left primary forests on earth (2009).
 Gyro-stabilised video filming and production of a 60 mn documentary, with 4 additionnal embedded small HD camescopes Sony-HXR-MC1, about the french Microlight Tour (Tour ULM 2009) where more than 130 microlight airplanes have celebrated, one hundred years day for day after Louis Bleriot’s feat of crossing the Channel on July 25th, 1909, challenged, at that time, by the Daily Mirror, with a price money of 25000 Gold Francs ! Production, direction and gyro-stabilized camera operator Marc Salama.
 Flights over Essaouira and around the Ourika valley in Morocco for the final of City Chase World Championship, a canadian TV show, where 12 teams of two people compete in a race in and around town. Overflights of a camel race and a canoe race (2008).
 Corporate film for Prado Productions, overflights around the city of Cap d’Agde (2008).
 Corporate film for Prod DC , overview of Rasteau vineyards in the region Chateuneuf du Pape (2008).
 Overview in Dynabulle of the Mont - Dauphin, Vauban fortifications, Heritage of Humanity (2008).
 Overview of Briançon and Vauban’s fortifications for WeLoveProd, in a clip broadcasted on the issue of InterVilles TV show (2008).
 Aerial shooting for Xplorer Productions, flyover Charier aggregate career and industrial vehicles, in La Roche Bernard in French Brittany, producer Stéphane Nicolle.
 Production in 2007 of a 6-minutes film of aerial filming on 17 days of flight in Pilatus and Bell helicopters L3 and L4 across Algeria, with Panasonic DVCPro HD camescope, a journey of 8000 km to cover a dozen remarkable sites from the sky, Algerian production MSCom, Algeria.
 Harvest Yellow Wine in Beaumes-les-Messieurs, Jura, close flying over the vinyards and its suroundings, Marc Perrey Productions (2006).
 Clip for Total, produced by Oblectif Images, producer Laurent Wargon, Director Francisco Brzovic, following vehicles (truck and farm tractor) in biparamotor in the fields of rapeseed in the Paris region (2006).
 "Faut Pas Rêver", O’Brasil, France 3, adventure travel TV magazine (2006), flyover arms of the Amazon River around Santarem and the canope of the equatorial forest.
 Feature film by Jean-Michel Houlbert with overflying Alquezar and close follow-up of car with a biparamotor in the valleys of Gorgas Negras, Sierra de Guara, Spain (2005).
 Flying over Plaisir, overview of the region for environmental sightings.
 Microlight World Championship 2005 in Grange Dieu, France.
 Microlight France Championship 2005 in Vichy (broadcast on Sport 6, M6).
 Microlight Europe Championship 2004 in Castelo Branco in Portugal.
 Microlight France Championship 2004, Mondreville
 Microlight World & France Championships 2003
 Microlight France Championship 2002, GAP (documentary Sports 26’ for Motors TV broadcasting in 2004)

Châteaux en Dordogne Vus du Ciel. Flying over medieval castles in Dordogne from ABSY.TV on Vimeo.

View more aerial movie clips

Close aerial shooting, car follow-up with a biparamotor. Filming with Sony HDV Z1 of a fiction film, "Gorgas Negras" by Jean-Michel Houlbert. Paramotor pilot Ronan Chollou. Cameraman Marc Salama.

All our aerial videos for France3, Total, Marc Perrey Productions are online here with photos that describe the conduct of ground operations.

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Indicative prices, costs, fares for aerial filming

With paramotor or microlights

A full day of aerial shooting, including gyro-stabilization, a biparamotor or microlight two-seaters, two operators (pilot and camera operator), insurance included : 1800 € HT per day (with biparamotor) ; 2000 € HT per day (biparamotors on wheels or microlight). Not included : camera, transportations (0,65 €/km inside France, and close countries), accommodation and living expenses. Degressive rates after 3 days.

Days unbilled in the event of bad weather conditions which keeps us on ground in France. We offer as a one hour bonus of drone per day of filming with a paramotor (DJI Quad, nacelles 3 axes et GoPro 4K) for details that can’t be done from the microlight .

For any quotations in aerial shooting, please contact us here

Paramotor features for aerial shooting

 Power 28cv
 Wing surface 42m ²
 Consumption 5.5L / h
 Altitude of the camera: 1m to 2000m
 Speed without wind: 20-40km / h
 Total weight of the machine less than 50kg
 The machine is dismantled easily and can travel by plane in a canteen.

Aerial filming equipments features, (camera at your expense)

 a Steadicam Pilot or Flyer for camescope up to 4 kg.
 a Steadicam Flyer for cameras up to 7,5 kg such as the Sony HDW-750P HDCam.
 3 gyroscopes KS-4 and batteries
 small LCD monitoring.
 HF audio with the ground (optional)
 VHF (optional)
 Total weight : less than 15kg

Constraints related to Microlights

1 / you can fly over anything with permit, but we need also good weather conditions, meaning virtually no wind, which is why we work all year round between sunrise +3 hours and sunset -3 hours in "weather windows" that we forecast 10 days in advance waitng for the anticyclone. To take off and land, we need a field not too far from the target to film, at least 60 yards long without hindrance, in the axis of wind. During winter, we must be reduced to 1:30, in the morning and the evening, this time of flight potential.

2 / for large cities permit to fly over is needed and the authorization of the DGAC and the prefecture. Permission is difficult to obtain for obvious security reasons. If we fly over a private property with permission of the owners, this is easy, especially if we take off from a field close to it, belonging to the same person... A parking may be the case if it is empty and without hindrance. In case of difficulties in obtaining permits, we can put you in contact with a specialized production in requests for overflight permission, for any type air shooting.

3 / can be communicated via our HF helmets onboard to a walkie-talkie (optional) on the ground to improve coordination and adjustment, but ideal for the director is to have a video transmission system VHF low definition to view the plan from the ground (system that we do not provide) to refine the actions.

4 / weather constraints always plays with shooting schedules, we must therefore calculate for workload on the day we fly, it is important that the chief operator and other technicians involved are available early on departure for settings diaphragms and optical constraints in the case of 16 or 35mm cameras, and brief me on the flight hardware, which often change... You can use cameras between 2 kg and 7 kg.

5 / we have 1h30 time autonomy in flight : there are shots to stage the need to repeat until everything is satisfactory and plans eventually to illustrate more generally. We can, if time remains after the plans settled, bring these shots from the surroundings with open-clod effect, and more traditional plans. Filming with animals, we must, for example, have horses accustomed to strong engine sounds type motorcycle.

6 / It is necessary to estimate your work plan, on a basis of one flight by location, if the distance between locations to film is greater than 10 km. We make two flights of 75 minutes in the day when conditions are good, plus a short 25 minutes flight around take-off point, if the lighting and conditions allow it.

7 / The daily rate does not include the assistant who, in most cases is provided by the production, to drive the truck where the landing is not the same place as the takeoff. If the production leaves us alone during the shooting day, we provide a assistant (+ 300 € HT / day).

Aerial filming with helicopter and small plane

Au dessus de Tamanrasset en Pilatus
Hocine Hadj Ali

The constraints described above partially disappear with helicopters and small Cessna aircraft that can fly in bad weather, but then impossible to make open-clod like with the paramotor.

The straight shots may be difficult to obtain in a small plane where everything depends on the type of door opening and stayed side of the wing that can interfere with the optical field. A high-wing aircraft without shrouds is the ideal.

With a helicopter straight shot is provided by a way to fly called "crab" which means flying the aircraft 45° offset from its natural axe, so that the optique scope of the camera is in the axis of displacement.

For this type of service, we charge the operator and its gyro stabilization system HT 900 € / day. The helicopter rental remains at your expenses.

Survol de l’Algérie par marcsalama

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Aerial filming with the Dynabulle

The Dynabulle is a motorized balloon, an airship you can control, which was originally developed by Dany Cleyet-Marrel to fly over the Amazon forest with scientists and cameras. It has been popularized since its conception in 1994, as a professional tool in its own right and was picked up by several providers balloonists.

For this type of service, we charge the operator and its gyro stabilization system HT 900 € / day. The Dynabulle rental remains at your expenses.

La Dynabulle en prises de vues aériennes par marcsalama

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View online : French version