RPAS 2012 à PARIS- The International RPAS Policy Forum

mardi 5 juin 2012 : 08h00
par  Marc Salama

RPAS 2012 – Paris, France – 5-7 Juin 2012 - The International RPAS Policy Forum

The RPAS 2012 conference, which takes place in Paris, France on 5-7 June 2012, will feature 45 speakers from international organizations [International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS)], European organizations [European Commission Directorate General Enterprise & Industry, Directorate General for Mobility & Transport ; European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), EUROCONTROL, European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), European Defence Agency (EDA), FRONTEX, SESAR Joint Undertaking], national governmental representatives (Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment ; Netherlands ; Ministry of Justice, Brazil ; NASA, USA ; TsAGI, Russian Fed.), national regulatory authorities (DGAC, France ; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA), standards organizations (ASTM, EUROCAE, RTCA), national military representatives (Australia, France, UK), as well as universities, consortia (ASTRAEA ; ULTRA) and industry representatives, from 17 countries in total (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA).

A significant part of this conference will be dedicated to the current regulatory status relative to the operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), the policy being put in place in Europe and the USA to improve the situation, and the additional actions required to make it possible for military and non-military remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) to gain routine and unrestricted access to civil-managed airspace.
The European Commission will present the conclusions of the EC UAS Panel and how it plans to proceed.
All institutional members of the EC UAS Panel will also give presentations.
ICAO will give an update on the progress made by the ICAO UAS Study Group.
The FAA will present their new UAS Integration Office and their planned way forward.

The RPAS 2012 conference features 12 themed sessions (4/day) over 3 days

Conferences program
Day I Day II Day III
RPAS Policy Regulatory Activities RPAS Policy
RPAS Policy Standards RPAS Policy
Programme Status Operational Experience Programme Reports
Non-Military Applications Regulatory Activities Future Vision & Related Sensors

A cocktail party permitting unparalleled networking will conclude days I & II.

This annual conference has become the world’s prime international RPAS policy forum, where all military & non-military RPAS stakeholders can interact with the international, European and national policy makers and regulatory authorities.
All information concerning the RPAS 2012 event, including general information, the conference programme, the conference registration form, the exhibit registration form, the relevant floor plan, sponsorship opportunities, and a location & venue map, are posted on www.rpas-2012.org.

Do not miss this opportunity to find out what the future has in store for the international RPAS community, and how you can contribute and make your voice heard.

Join the international RPAS community at RPAS 2012. More informations on UVS-Infos

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